Petting Whales 2

February 26, 2017

On our way back up the Baja, we stopped at Guerrero Negro again to see the grey whales.  The morning we went out was cold and windy, with big swells.  The goal was to see mother whales with their new babies, and hopefully pet the babies.  The way the boat bobbed in the swells, I thought there is no way a mother would let her baby come near the boat.  This was going to be a bust.  I was right about no baby whales coming near the boat.  I was so wrong about the day being a bust.

According to our guide, female whales give birth every two years.  Sometimes the whale's two year old baby is still with the mother, and follows her down to the birthing lagoons in Baja.  When the mother gives birth, she has to tell her two year old to hit the road.  These twenty five foot, two year old whales, are like little kids, or big puppies.  A group of them decided our boat would be a fun place to play.

They would swim slowly along beside us, and then spray us in the face.

They would swim below the boat and then exhale, making a huge sudden burst of bubbles to startle us.

They would shoot up out of the depths next to the boat with no warning to freak out the person next to them.

Mainly they just wanted to be pet, shoving each other to see who could get the most pets.

The guide said the whales were attracted to positive energy from people.  They especially liked children.  We did not have any children with us, but we did have Helyn.  Her laugh drew them like a magnet.  She is in the purple jacket.  I will let these videos speak for themselves.

An awesome day.  So different from last year.  I loved seeing the baby whales, but playing with the two year olds was incredible.  When my camera was underwater it caught Helyn's laugh so clearly.   I know what the whales could hear and why they liked it.

Already the day does not seem quite real to me, but the videos show it really happened.  What magnificent creatures.