Our European Adventure


April 13, 2017

On April 3, 2017 we flew to France.  Our return ticket is on October 14th.  What happens in between remains to be seen.

We flew past Mount Rainier as we left Seattle.

We have purchased a small (21.5 ft) RV in France to tour Europe in for the next few summers.  Purchasing an RV in Europe is not so easy, since you have to be a resident to license a vehicle.  Luckily, Eurocampingcars in France, which is owned by an English couple, has worked out a way to get around this sticky wicket.  With the help of Phill and Hannah, the owners of Eurocampingcars, we formed a French corporation to own our RV.  Eurocampingcars main business is renting RVs.  They have a big building in a small town south of Paris where we picked up our new home.

Meet Tajita, (Little Taja).

Tajita has a diesel engine with a six speed manual transmission.  I think the last time I owned a manual transmission car was in the 80s. When we get ready to leave we go though our checklist.  Slides in, jacks up, airbags full, antenna down, fans off.  Oh Yeah, we don't have any of those things.  Just start up and drive.

Most of this last week we have spent outfitting Tajita.  We did have her tricked out by Phill, with an extra battery and a 220V inverter, two solar panels, security locks, an awning, two built in propane tanks that can be filled anywhere, and a backup camera.  Still we needed sheets, cooking stuff, etc., etc.  

We had to drive to a small town to pay for our insurance that Phill arranged for us.  Here is our agent's office on the left.

The little town is full of canals.

I could not believe the terms of the French insurance.  Liability coverage is unlimited.  Property damage coverage is limited to just 100 million euros.  (That is more than $100,000,000)  We have full value coverage on Tajita's $$30,000 price in most European countries.  And the price for 1 year of insurance was $591.  Thanks Phill.

One fun thing we did our first week was visit the Chateau du Fontainebleau, a 1500 room home of French kings since the 1200s, and later headquarters for Emperor Napolean

We only visited a sample of the 1500 rooms.  Here is a taste of what we saw.

I have decided that every picture frame should have a few ladies holding it.