Life at Santispac Beach

January 10, 2017

We have spent the winter in Baja, Mexico at Santispac Beach, near Mulege.  

Unlike last year when we went all the way down the Baja to Cabo, for the first time we just stayed in one place.  We entered Mexico the third of December and will be leaving the end of February.    We did bring new toys with us this year, a double Hobie peddling kayak and two stand up paddle boards.  Our kayak is the yellow one.  

Our kayak also has the sail kit.  We have been sailing all over the bays here.

Helyn's stand up paddleboard, or SUP, is the red one.  Mine is the white one.

I can add a sail to my SUP.

We also have a little pop up sail we carry in our kayak, if we do not have the big sail, in case the wind comes up.  Helyn handles that sail and I sit back and relax.

Our peddle kayak has allowed us to easily go much further, and see a lot of wildlife, like this sea lion just hanging out..

We regularly see dolphins, though rarely up close.

There are a number of different types of birds putting on a show every day

The pelicans wear yellow hats, and the males have red pouches.

There is a colony of blue footed boobies on a nearby island.

Almost every night, a bar on one of the local beaches has a happy hour, or dinner and dancing with a live band.

This is how you look after two margaritas.

This is how one looks after our local floating happy hour.

Shortly after we arrived here, this lady killer cowboy lured Helyn into booking a horseback ride with lunch and margaritas.

Then he did the old bait and switch, sending us out with his not so handsome son, with a so-so lunch and vodka drinks.    A good time was had, even if Helyn felt cheated.

Our friends, Don and Rosie, have a red Hobie kayak.  Together we have had picnics on distant islands,

gone out to cool rock formations,

and paddled through narrow, shallow passages between islands.

Many people worry about coming to Mexico, but I think Baja is safer than the US.  Our friend Val drove her RV down here by herself and has had so much fun she definitely plans to return.  She looks so normal next to Pedro, a crazy funny man on the beach.

One of the best things this year has been seeing whale sharks in the bay.  Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the world.  They can are covered with white spots and can grow up to 65 feet long.

The biggest one we saw in the bay was about 20 feet long, which is still a juvenile.  Whale sharks are not considered mature until they reach 9 meters, or about 29 feet long.  

Whale sharks are very passive.  They slowly swim through the water with their large mouths open, eating anything that goes in.  They have 3000 tiny teeth.

They may be just kids, but they are much bigger than our kayak.

Whale sharks are endangered because they are hard to see and are hit by motorboats.  We try to stay far enough away so we are not harrassing them.  This one decided to swim under our kayak before we could get out of the way, and slapped us with his tail.

To see one feeding, click on the video.

We had heard that ocasionally the water here becomes phosphorescent, with algae that glows when disturbed.  We never saw it last year.  One night this year everyone was out on the beach on a black night watching the small waves glow and seeing the water suddenly flash when sand was thrown in.  It is so quick to dim it took twenty tries before I captured this rowboat oar splash.

I love sunsets, but sunrises here are spectacular nearly every day.

That is not to say that evening light does not have its own special charm.

We are buying a 21 foot RV in France to tour Europe.  We will be flying there April 3 to pick it up.  Our return flight is on October 16.   Once we get out of this hell hole of Santispac Beach and get to Europe we should start having some fun.