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Travels1  2006/2007 we traveled for 7 months in our motorhome to see America and Mexico, and took a cruise down the St. Lawrence Seaway.    

Travels2  2007/2008 we took a four month trip around the world, visiting Paris, climbing Kilimanjaro in Africa, going on safari, and visiting Thailand and Vietnam.    

Travels3  In 2008 we traveled in the US and Canada.    

Travels4  2008 - 2009 we went back to SE Asia.  

Travels5   2010  After selling our home we started traveling in a Lance truck camper, visiting Alaska and national parks throughout the West.

Travels6   2011  Starts with Burningman, and travels through parks in the West, camp hosting at 10,000 ft in Leadville, CO, and then on to Guatemala.

Travels7   2012 - 2013  Our motorhome trip to the US east coast.

Travels8  is our travels in 2014, visiting the East and the Canadian Maritime Provinces.

Travels9  is our travels in 2015 around the West and down to Mexico.

Travels10 is our travels in 2016.

Travels 11 is our travels in 2017

                                                  PHOTO ALBUMS

Photo Burn 06,    Photo Burn 07.  These photo albums have additional pictures

of Burningman from 2006 and 2007.  

Photo FF 09     This photo album has additional photos of Fantasy Fest in Key West, FL.  in 2009     

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